Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Life imitates tacky art

There is a common theme in the more pulpy forms of science fiction (and the occasional better stuff) of astronauts landing on an alien world, wondering where the animals are, and then getting eaten by the plants. There is a side option here of busty female astronauts having their clothes ripped off first, a popular one for the more garish forms of tacky comic.

Now, we all know about animal-eating plants like pitcher plants that drown small insects and the occasional lizard, and venus fly traps that actually move (cue the fevered visions of pulp illustrators who dream up giant venus fly traps!)

Now (drum roll please) the plant world is fighting back against these messy, grazing animals and have a pitcher plant big enough to eat rats! I wonder if Ming the Merciless ever had one as a pet?

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