Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Impromptu news comedy.

I'm absolutely positive that the people who write the news make up comedy moments to keep themselves from getting terminally bored, but at times I wonder how the news-readers can keep a straight face.

Take these two gems from this morning's radio news on the ABC:

"Man assaulted with swordfish bone"

"Car crashes into house on highway."

Now, at first glance that second headline doesn't sound all that funny. So a car leaves the road and crashes into a house? Fairly standard accident report.


The car crashed into the house on the highway. The house was on the back of a massive lorry being moved, which is a particularly Queensland thing to do with old houses. Imagine trying to explain that to your insurance company!

Now, a history in theatre and a few jobs connected to telephones has taught me how to focus and not to give the game away by laughing at the wrong moment, but I think I would struggle to read the headline "car crashes into house" if I knew what was coming.

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