Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Little children should not suffer. Rant-warning.

Here's my 30-second take on the Stolen Generation:
  • Attempting to improve the living standards and future prospects of the very young: Good
  • Removing children from their families and putting them in foster care as a last resort if their living conditions are abusive and/or abysmal: Good
  • Using foster care as a whole-sale attempt to destroy an entire culture and language without first supporting that culture to grow and adapt to a changing world: Atrocious.
As you will no doubt see, the issue is a whole hell of a lot more complicated than that. If you can't see the complications, please move away from the keyboard.

And now that we have government investigations, a demand for an apology and compensation, and what appears to be a worrying tendency to use "the stolen generation" as a sort of holocaust-style catch-all attempt to induce guilt in mainstream Australia, we have this little scenario:
  • Girl, aboriginal, less than 10, gets removed from her community because she's being sexually abused: Good
  • Girl gets placed in foster care with a white family: If that's what was available, okay.
  • Girl, aged about 10, gets removed from foster care and sent back to her community because leaving her with a white foster family would be tantamount to "a second stolen generation": WTF?
  • Girl, aged 10, gets gang-raped in her community. FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHAT HAPPENED?
This beggars all belief. It really does.

Just to make the story complete, and to set this little girl up for just about the most miserable self-esteem and life anyone in this dubiously first-world country can have, the magistrate sentencing the pack of low-life throw-backs who raped her gave them light sentences, some of them even with no convictions recorded, because "she probably consented". Consent? THAT'S WHAT IT'S CALLED STATUTORY RAPE YOU BRAINLESS DING-BAT. The law should not care if she consented or if she just refused to express an opinion, she is under-age by federal law. Ergo, she can not legally provide consent. Oh yes, and the entire pack of rapists are pederasts.

I don't believe in punishment for punishment's sake, I really don't, but there are times when castration looks like being the only real option.

That magistrate's judgements are being reviewed. All of them. I can't bear to think what else may come to light now.


Anonymous said...

What is even scarier is the amount of cases that dont get reported.
North QLD DOCS get an average of 30of these cases per month and like the rest of the population the number of instances that these situations are not reported is phenomaly high.

Anonymous said...

The world is full of freaks, people who function on the fringes of soicity barely coping with day to day life with only occaisional hints at how truly disturbed they are, and then they do something like this and the whole world knows.

Anonymous said...

The reason that this little girl was removed from her community in the first place was because she was gang raped at age seven. To send her back into the community only to have it happen again at age ten. Something is seriously going wrong.

Anonymous said...

And she had gonorrhea by the time she was five.

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