Thursday, 22 November 2007

iPhone opinions mount.

This is rather annoying. Somebody has just produced a better-written, more considered piece on why I'm not going to be lusting after the iPhone than I could have.

Go and read it at

This doesn't mean that I don't agree with Stephen Fry that using something which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy is not a reward in itself. But I tell you this: I don't care how well the animations work, anything which slides or zooms or spirals, and Apple have an obsession bordering on a dangerous fixation here, annoys the fuck out of me in
extremely short order.

I was in a Harris Technologies yesterday, and they had an iPod touch - iPhone minus phone - which I of course grabbed to play with. My god it's nice. It has better graphics than my home computer did a few upgrades ago. In fact, it's got better graphics than this workstation I'm being paid to use, and I do PhotoShop and InDesign tasks on this, with seven other applications open at the same time as well. But my God I could not live with that touch-screen software keyboard. Plus, I couldn't work out how to call up the keyboard and enter an address into Safari, which is kind of a problem, really.

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