Thursday, 30 August 2007

Where were you on the night of 2000 years ago?

It appears to be ten days since anything has interested me enough to share, which says far more about how stressed and zonked-out I've been over the last few weeks than it does about the state of the world in general (although I do not wish Equine Influenza upon any horse, I did get a chuckle about hearing that police horses in Sydney would have to pull a sicky from APEC).

But this cannot be passed up:

A christian group in Kenya wants the Kenyan High Court to declare Jesus' crucifixion illegal and his conviction null and void. (Link to Curious Snail).

Stop me if I'm wrong, but... Isn't the crucifixion a fairly major and, indeed, central part of the christian mythos? I am not now and have never been christian, but I seem to remember hearing something about "died for our sins." Something like that, anyway. It's really going to cock up the back story if they manage to convince people that it was really never supposed to happen.

And for once, I like a piece of writing in the Courier Mail:

may redefine the quest for closure."


Peter said...

Reminds me of all the 'loving' Christians who denigrate Jews as 'Christ killers'. Considering that the whole point of Christianity was that he died 'for our sins' don't you think they could be just a little bit grateful?

Dubito said...

My thoughts exactly. It reminds me of a Jewish Australian comedienne whose response to "You killed Jesus!" was "My parents were there, but they did the catering."

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