Friday, 10 August 2007

Isn't "wrapped in the flag" a BAD thing?

Oh Telstra, how many reasons are there to hate thee?

Outsourced customer support, arrogant business practices, the general bad reputation of BigPond Internet, the outsourced customer officer who rang me to ask why we were no longer using Telstra, no longer being a public company, expecting us to pay line rental and maintenance charges on hardware built using tax dollars, Sol Trujilo's immense personal paypacket...

The latest is: Nationalistic, jingoistic advertising.

I have just seen an ad in the Courier Mail, from Telstra, attempting to prove that they are superior to Optus (It's never a good sign when a company gets personal with their opposition, is it?). At the top of the page were two pictures: The Singapore flag (Singtel Optus) and the Australian flag (Telstra).

Fuck you, Telstra. Frankly, I'm more likely to trust a Singaporean company.

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