Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My new hero

I have ranted before about my opinions of bookshops in this country, and the lip service they pay to science. But I haven't myself done much about it except give them money for worthwhile products. When they have said worthwhile products, of course. Which isn't often.

This guy has. Imagine: A biologist whose mission in life is to check bookstores for incorrectly shelved books (Michael Behe's The Edge of Evolution appears to be the prime candidate at the moment), and reshelving them where they belong - Religion, say, or New Age.

I am going to have to start doing this myself. After all, it's not as if perusing the entire single-shelf-unit Science sections of major bookshops will take very long. I encourage everyone else out there to take a stand against woo-woo by calling a spade and a spade and a Chakra Realignment Crystal a piece of pretty fantasy.

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