Friday, 8 June 2007

So tired...

In my time working in the community services I have been burnt-out, over-tired, compassion fatigued and required surgery following an assault. Just to top it off, while working in IT following the assault and my return-to-work plan, I picked up one of those unidentified virii which left me with post-viral fatigue for a good six months, at the end of which I moved to Brisbane.

But I can't remember having been pushed so hard in an office that I was just too tired to care or indeed concentrate, not since I finished Honours and most of that was my own fault for being poorly organised. I'm still poorly organised, but pressure has replaced structure to make sure I'm getting things done anyway.

Yesterday was the first time this week I got home feeling human and able to eat, without my stomach being in a high-stress knot. And this morning I sincerely wish I could still be in bed, and the cold wasn't helping. Although there wasn't any torrential rain this morning (and I wouldn't complain about that, given the state of Brisbane's water reserves at the moment), the wind felt positively arctic.

My goal for today is to get through it and go straight back to bed.

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