Monday, 28 May 2007

Unusual moments of media goodness

In my brain-space time-out over lunch today I indulged in my usual fairly brainless exercise of reading the Courier Mail, a paper that gives front-page news status to the latest mess from the Brisbane Broncos and thinks that we need whole pages devoted to celebrities.

Today, I was presently surprised.

In today's paper I found:

An opinion piece which started by telling the story of an ordinary man who made millions of dollars using the power of The Secret. Oooookayyyy...... Luckily, there are still journalists with a healthy sense of sarcasm. The secret to making scads of the money with The Secret? Charge people scads of money to come to seminars where they can learn all about it.

In the comics, the day's edition of Beyond The Black Stump. A character goes to a crystal-ball gazer:
"You know, I don't believe in all this hocus-pocus."
"Oh? Well what brings you here?"
"It's the curiosity, really."
"That's okay, Frank. It's everyone's curiosity that makes me a fortune."

Truer words were never spoken.

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