Thursday, 3 May 2007

Do Not Call Register

This is funny:

This morning I got into work at 8:00-ish, logged onto email and Google Reader to get my morning news fix (hey, I have work-related feeds!) and found this little gem. Australia will finally get an operational, Federally managed Do Not Call Register to defend against Telemarketers. What kept you?? Yes, there have been private numbers (not always a defence, trust me on this) and an industry voluntary do-not-call register (not every company is a member), but what kept you??

But notice something about that article: No contact information. At all. Okay, so from today you can sign up. How???

So I googled. And found a result for a page on the website of the federal Department for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. Which didn't respond. I think it's been slashdotted by an overwhelming response.

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